Construction / Infrastructure

Keeping Construction Projects Moving

We are proud to support the construction industry across Australia with efficient, cost-effective and reliable shipping and logistics services.

We are happy to transport freight of all kinds and sizes, including timber stock, building materials, home insulation, raw steel, and other construction materials, for both private and commercial clients. You can hire a single truck, or our entire fleet!

Our state of the art vehicles are fully equipped to move oversized goods or pallets, as well as smaller shipments, keeping your materials secure and protected from the elements. With GPS tracking, you can even check in on your goods in real-time and follow their journey, for complete peace of mind.

With Kaygus Logistics, you can trust us to be right where you need us, doing our bit to keep your construction projects on track.

To find out more about our renowned transport and logistics services for the construction industry, CONTACT US.


Construction & Infrastructure