End-to-end transportation to ensure the smooth logistics and timely completion of the new Western Sydney Stadium

Our latest and largest commercial project was for the new Western Sydney Stadium, built to replace Parramatta Stadium. The old stadium was closed in 2016, and demolished in 2017, and this new facility is set to host a 30,000-strong crowd for major sports such as football and rugby, as well as concerts and special events.

Kaygus was commissioned as the key partner for the delivery of structural steel beams and frame components to the new stadium. We transported these items from the manufacturer to the coating plant, and then on from the coating plant to the stadium.

This comprehensive, end-to-end transportation gave our construction partners invaluable consistency of service throughout the entire process, saving on shipping costs and unnecessary handover delays. As we were involved from beginning to end, we were able to ensure a smooth logistical outcome for the project.

Crucially, our efficient and reliable service enabled our construction partners to quickly begin the initial planning and construction of the Western Sydney Stadium and get the impressive new facility up and running on schedule.


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